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CWTC presents Medea for the main stage at metro Melbourne and regional theatres in May. Students can experience the performance with full theatrical support.

YHYear 12

VCE English/EAL Units 3 and 4, Area of Study 1, Reading and Responding.

Euripides, 'Medea', in Medea and Other Plays, John Davie (trans.), Penguin Classics, 2003

It’s 431BC in Corinth. Medea lies grief-stricken, discarded by her husband, Jason. Jason has abandoned Medea and their two sons by pledging himself to the daughter of the king of Corinth. Medea turns her grief into action and like a force of nature - like no other woman, with animal-like instincts, great intelligence, skill, and ruthless passion - she seeks revenge.

Euripides explores the psyche of the wronged woman in this famous ancient Greek tragedy. Medea's sense of powerlessness against unfolding events, which are controlled by men, leads her to seek vengeance in a most hideous way, betraying even her love for her own children. As the play builds to its horrifying climax, the behaviour of the characters causes the audience to re-evaluate its sympathies and to question whether retribution can ever be justified.

CWTC presents Medea as an excursion, where students can experience the performance with full theatrical support. This allows dissection of the mis-en-scene as well as the performed language and the themes. CWTC stage an unabridged performance of the John Davie translation (Penguin Classics Edition).

Selected performances are followed by a Q&A with the actors and director and academic consultant Dr Heather Sebo. Company members have detailed knowledge of the play, the language, it's historical context and can lead critical discussion on the text and its place in today’s world.


Eastbank Theatre, Shepparton
Friday 5 May: 11.30am

Geelong Performing Arts Centre
Monday 8 May: 11.30am (post show Q&A) SOLD OUT
Tuesday 9 May: 10.30am SOLD OUT & 1.00pm  LIMITED SEATING 

Drum Theatre, Dandenong
Wednesday 10 May: 1.00pm 
Thursday 11 May: 10.00am  & 1.00pm LIMITED SEATING 
Friday 12 May: 10.00am (post show Q&A) SOLD OUT and 1.00pm LIMITED SEATING

Darebin Arts Centre, Preston
Monday 15 May: 1.00pm (post show Q&A)
Tuesday 16 May: 10.00am and 7.30pm
Wednesday 17 May: 10.00am (post show Q&A) and 1.00pm LIMITED SEATING

Duration: 90 minutes no interval 
(Q & A duration: 30 minutes)

Cost: $26.00 per student

Ticket price includes gst
Cancellation fee applies