Thursday Aug 24

The Crucible with Year of Wonders


The Australian idiom is explored in this dynamic presentation of poetry and song. Couched in an historical narrative that moves from the transportation era to the present this collection of Australian voices express a variety of experiences both linguistically and culturally.

YHYear 11-12

Unit 4, Area of Study 1 – Reading and comparing texts

Pairing 5: The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks
by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd

Scenes from The Crucible are compared and contrasted with passages from Year of Wonders in a performance that help students gain a deeper understanding of the ideas, issues and themes of both texts.

For this analysis, The Crucible is used as the primary text and scenes are performed in chronological order. Year of Wonders lends itself to some passages from the protagonist being read or performed as a dramatic monologue to illustrate the similarities and differences between the two.

In this performance we compare and contrast the actions of protagonist and antagonist, their worldviews, superstition and mass hysteria, faith and belief, community versus self interest, roles of women and power of the individual to create change within society and themselves.

This program is developed in consultation with CWTC's Teacher Advisory Group and is followed by a post show Q & A.

Show duration: 90 minutes 


Tour dates: 
Term 3: Monday 17 July - Friday 18 August, 2017

Booking now from Monday 21 August, 2017

Minimum performance space required:     6m x 6m

Set up time:                 60 mins
Bump out time:          20 mins
Other:                          Access to power

Groups over 120 student: $16.00 per student

Groups under 120 students: $1920.00 minimum performance fee
All prices include gst
Cancellation fee applies