Thursday Aug 24

2017 Season

Andrew-BlackmanWelcome to another exciting year of theatre from Complete Works Theatre Company.  The depth and variety of contemporary and classic works that make upthe program prompt us to announce that 2017 is a season 'where stories collide'.

We are excited to announce two completely original programs to support the new VCE English comparative study design. The Crucible, Arthur Miller’s masterful examination of the Salem witch hunts of 1692, is compared and contrasted with the fear, confusion and grief brought to a small Derbyshire village by the plague in Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brookes and Bombshells, Joanna Murray-Smith’s hilarious monologue series challenging the stereotypes of six Western women is balanced against The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood’s witty retelling of Penelope’s narrative from Homer’s Illiad. Study of these texts is made easy and accessible through performance.

New plays have been added to the VCE Literature series, most notably Cat On a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, and William Shakespeare’s comedy of social conventions turned upside down, Twelfth Night.

Australian poetry and storytelling is refreshed in Great Southern Land for Years 7 & 8, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth continue as essential incursions and Medea by Euripides starring Carolyn Bock revisits metro Melbourne and regional theatres.

Supporting the education of our young people is our passion. Providing students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of big ideas, societal values, relationships, and their own selves though exposure to the great theatrical works is our priority.

Whether it is at the theatre or in the classroom we look forward to contributing to the development of intelligent, well-rounded future adults.

Andrew Blackman

Artistic Director

Best incursion in the school for years. Excellent focus and direction of excerpts and transitions into explanations about our context study.
Teacher, Clonard College