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Complete Works Theatre Company employs a full time artistic director and program manager, and provides sessional work for other arts practitioners including actors, designers, directors, musicians, movement and fight choreographers.

Artistic Director: Andrew Blackman
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Program Manager:Alicia Beckhurst
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Committee of Management
Andrew Blackman

Caroline Williams
Petra Kalive
Lawrence Price
Gerard Lane (Actor Representative)
Susan Anderson (Teacher Representative)

Teacher Advisory Group - 2015/16

Jason Jewell
Patricia Shiel
Alice White
Chris Maguire
Chris Pearson
Shelly Beamish

2017 Season

Shakespeare and Poetry
Roderick Cairns
Michaela Bedel
Paul Westbrook

The Crucible/Year of Wonders 

Marissa O'Reilly
Brendan Barnett
Briony Farrell
Johnathan Peck
John Shearman

Bombshells/The Penelopiad

Aurora Kurth 
Carolyn Bock

Carolyn Bock  as Medea
Andrew Blackman as Jason
Eugene Gilfedder - Tutor/Creon/Aegeus/Messenger 
Alexandra Aldrich - Chorus
Francesca Waters - Nurse/Chorus


Contributing Personnel - Performers

Harli Ames
Susan Anderson

Chloe Armstrong
Lauren Bailey
Brendan Barnett
Alicia Beckhurst
Marissa Bennett

Jane Bird

Nicole Bilson

Andrew Blackman
Aimee Blesing
Andrew Bongiorno
Terri Brabon
Christopher Brown

Anne Browning

Syd Brisbane

Melinda Butel

Luke Cadden 
Ella Caldwell

Roderick Cairns

Philip Cameron-Smith
Justine Campbell
Georgina Capper

Emmaline Carroll

Austin Castiglione
Aaron Catalan
Joe Clements

Cat Commander
Finn Cooney
Charlie Cousins
Clare Danaher

Adrian Dart
Paul David-Goddard
Tom Davies

Nick Donaldson

Alex Duncan
Sam Duncan

Georgina Durham
Julie Eckersley
Luke Elliott

Paul English
Daniel Fletcher

Grant Foulkes
Brigid Gallacher
Libby Gott

Angus Grant
Ben Grant
Sarah Hamilton
Tegan Higginbotham

Kevin Hopkins
Eleanor Howlett
Amanda Hulme

Kali Hulme
Amy Humphreys
Natasha Jacobs
Soren Jensen

Kellie Jones
Petra Kalive
Sophie Kelly
Kevin Kiernan-Molloy
Carla Kissane
Aurora Kurth

David Lamb b
Gerard Lane

Stephanie Lillis
Glenda Linscott
Margaret Locke

Jenny Lovell
Ross Lowe

Rhys McConnochie
Brendan McCallum
Babs MacMillan

Dino Marnika
Monica Maughan

Mick Lo Monaco
Denis Moore
Cameron Moore
Phillip McInnes
Travis McMahon
Dion Mills
Nicolette Minster

Stewart Morritt
Daniel Niceski
Felix Nobis
Hannah Norris
Peter Norton
Eryn Jean Norvill
Simon Oats
Brendan O'Connor
Marissa O'Reilly
Yalin Ozucelik

Tim Paige
Graham Pages
Chris Parker
Gabriel Partington

Carole Patullo
Genevieve Picot
Rani Pramesti

Jenny Priest
Lawrence Price
Paul Reichstein
Deidre Rubenstein
Naomi Rukavina
Anthony Rive
Teague Rook
Amy Scott-Smith
Tim Stitz
Kashmir Sinnamon

Sonya Suares
Jeremiah Tickell

Emily Thomas
Katherine Tonkin
David Tredinnick
Joanne Trentini
Laura-Jane Turner

Gareth Yuen
Jennifer Vuletic
Brain Vriends

Tim Walter
Tim Wright


Andrew Blackman

Justine Campbell
Petra Kalive
Jacqulin Low
Matt Scholten
Glenda Linscott

Costume Design
Harriet Oxley

Emily Collett
Mel Drummond
Esther Hayes
Jess Keepence
Mandy Murphy
Zoe Rouse
Matilda Woodrofe

Set and Props Design
Owen Phillips
Zoe Rouse
Bill Shannon
Mark Wager

Lighting Design

Danny Pettingill
Julia Knibbs
Chris Eichler

Sound Design

Matt Banks
Ben Grant
Gus Macmillan
Tom Williams
Chris Lewis
inn Cooney


Kiri Boucher
Ben Grant
Simon Russell 
Trent Hamilton
Sunny Leunig
Chris Lewis 
Tom Williams
Marty Williams
Sweet Painted Ladies
Wintership Quartet

Stage Management

Beth Dawson
Meredith Grey
Bronwyn Pringle
Imogen Titmarsh
Ruth Maloney


Ashley Gilbertson
Ponch Hawkes
Sarah Walker
George Kruger

Technical Production

Angela Cole
Dughal Jayes


Graphic Design

 John Baxter
Magneto Design
Lorna Hendry
Emma Kingsbury

Movement & Fight Choreography

Adrian Dart
Daniel Fletcher
Darrin Inkster
Ross Lowe
Hussain Sadiqi
Felicity Steel
yndall Grant


Complete Works Theatre Co

C1.10, Convent Building
The Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street 
Abbotsford, VIC 3067

PO Box 170
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Telephone: +61 3 9417 6166
Fax: +61 3 9417 1836

2017 Bookings

"A wonderful production of the play. The staging and acting were of the highest standards and the overall response of all those who attended was extremely positive. A great start to revision of the play for the examination. Thankyou." - Cobram Anglican Grammar

"Students were extremely positive about the production. All thought it really brought the play to life for them and all commented on the quality of the acting and staging of the performance." - University High School

"Many of us just wanted to go again - quite brilliant - especially Medea and the actress who played The Nurse et al. Actually, all were excellent." - Geelong Grammar School